We are your part-time graphic designer. 
One that never calls in sick. 

What do we do differently?

Marketing-infused graphic design. We believe these should go hand-in-hand.

Why us?

No jargon.

Real-time progress updates.

No back-and-forth emailing.

Access to personalised content and photos.


We help you

Tell your story.


For 5+ years, our client applied in vain for a prestigious state-wide award.


Our team distilled their story to its most potent and compelling form.


Advertastic then told that story visually namely through creatives, photos and infographics. 

This resulted in their first state-wide gold award. Same story, same content, just expressed differently.

We help you

Reach new markets.

Target the right market

A large organisation had been using the same targeting strategy for years and was just managing to break even. They urgently needed to attract visitors and raise revenue.


Advertastic implemented several targeting strategies, customising them both for events and standard days.


Using only one-fifth of the company’s advertising money, we doubled their profits for events and helped them consistently increase their traditional revenue stream by a whopping 25%!

We help you

Stand out.


One of our clients was operating in a traditionally conservative setting. They desperately wanted to stand out from the rest of the pack whilst retaining their professional demeanour.


Our team worked relentlessly to refresh their brand, overhauling everything from their website to their client-facing presentation slides. All the while presenting a coherent, professional and slick brand image. Various strategies such as webinars were also implemented when lockdowns began.


Our client is now regarded as one of the most trusted, yet modern and forward-thinking firms in their industry. They even managed to come out of the COVID storm stronger than before.